Friday, 12 June 2009

Not Impossible For Love...

It is impossible for love not to hear us
when we passionately invoke its very presence;
daily and consciously, with hope resting on
raw expectations calling for its true,
pure and perfect visitation

It is impossible for love not to desire to rescue us.
Rescue us, from self imposed constrictions;
constructed walls of loneliness, that surround and separate us
The soul must keep pushing towards completion
breaking forth and forging through all limitations

It is impossible for love not to want to lend its patient ear
For cries of its wondrous fulfilment, seeps from the
depths of the very soul; without the vessel uttering a
single word, of its desire for Love's rescue
to be complete and for its gift to be bestowed.

©Remi Banjo, June 2009
***Pictures by Photobucket***


Robyn said...

i have mised this blog so much simply because blogger refuses to help me update my blog roll.
I enjoyed reading this

StandTall-The Activist said...

yes, it's quite impossible

jen said...

Remi Banjo - You have such a great name and such a way with words. I love your profile pic, too.

Tisha said...

God's love is so awesome

anytime i remember it (oops, what can i say?)
Its almost like yesterday and my heart is full again