Friday, 13 August 2010


She's afraid he... 

won't let her in
or let her go
her heart sincerelyneeds to know
how, where and to whom
its treasured secrets to bestow

© Remi Banjo, August 2010
***picture by photobucket*** 

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

... Not An Option..!

Soothing droplets of morning dew
brings along a sense of something new
atonement for the heart
stirs up revival from depths within a tired soul
feelings long forgotten, now keen to renew

soothing droplets of  refreshing dew
still, its not an option to
 relinquish my desiring heart to you
I will be content to be forever friends
for I cherish the intricate nature of you 

© Remi Banjo, August 2010
***picture by photobucket***


Heart, head, mind and soul
embraced the signs that were 
evident for all to behold 

Feelings and emotions
were sure of the experienced  essence
only to realise it's been breaking
through shadows, the very outline
that announced its delayed presence

Heart, head, mind and soul
arrives at the crossroads
of love unknown.

© Remi Banjo, August 2010

***picture by photobucket***