Tuesday, 10 August 2010

... Not An Option..!

Soothing droplets of morning dew
brings along a sense of something new
atonement for the heart
stirs up revival from depths within a tired soul
feelings long forgotten, now keen to renew

soothing droplets of  refreshing dew
still, its not an option to
 relinquish my desiring heart to you
I will be content to be forever friends
for I cherish the intricate nature of you 

© Remi Banjo, August 2010
***picture by photobucket***


neefemi said...

awwwwww very nice....

Doose said...

awwwww! i'm goin to cry! so beautiful :'(

WhoamI said...

I feel ur heart girl.
At least d feelings aren't lost.

Y_not725 said...

wow... too many times have heard these heart shattering words.... aah to be freinds and nothing more still less then my hearts desire lfet me longing many a night for.....

nice work