Saturday, 22 November 2008

I Miss...

Staring into the far, yet near distance
I envision situations not yet experienced
My senses are alive with thoughts of you;
who you are, where you are, if you are near or far
My senses are alight with the knowledge that
somewhere, you are very much in existence

I miss being a two, for its lonely being a single one
Where are you, my appointed someone?

I miss his daring, yet knowing stare
you know, the one that pierces through the soul
holding my heart spell bound within its hold

I miss being him and he being me
Like I miss being a trinity;
Him, me and the holy spirit right there in between

I miss being his silent strength
when all he has is gone and spent

I miss the essence of his kiss
that transforms everything around me
into a welcomed faded bliss

Being one, can be lonely and sometimes not much fun
So, daily in anticipation I look forward to the day
he comes into view, to the day I meet my very own someone

©Remi Banjo, November 2008
***Pictures by Photobucket***