Thursday, 9 October 2008


If I could be your angel
my wings, they would shield you

from the sun and rain
My countenance, it will protect you
from the world's needless pain

If I could be your angel
I would command the moon to guide your path at night
and the sun to raise over you, from
the first glimpse of the morning's light

If I could be your angel
I'll walk you through streets of love
your spirit will be healed from strife
and your soul will come alive

If I could be your angel
I would walk you through the very gates
that leads to eternal life

©Remi Banjo, October 2008
***Pictures by Photobucket***

Monday, 6 October 2008

Almost... Does It Count?

Almost felt it's smooth, velvet ambiance
Almost visualised the depth of it's rich colours
Almost walked into it's manifested reality
Almost skipped in tune to it's heart beat
Almost dared to think happiness had finally found me

Almost lived within the realms it's essence
Almost stepped onto the platform of its staged promise
Almost got bestowed with its constant presence
Almost got caught up in it's talked about relevance

Almost took a ride in a beautiful white carriage
Almost understood the meaning of becoming
Almost went on a road trip into forever after
Almost got ready to love with renewed courage
Almost lived the reality of my hearts desire

©Remi Banjo, October 2008
***Pictures by Photobucket***