Sunday, 29 November 2009


To be a reflection of Him
is what my soul requires

To breath the air He freely gives
is what my spirit yearns to be forever real

To understand the intricacies of who He is
is the beginning of knowing Him

To be drawn into the midst of His presence
unravels the truth and purity of His love

Monday, 12 October 2009

...and then I call Him my....

... and then I call Him my king
because He crowns my heart with
the full richness of His ever increasing love

... and then I call Him my peace
because through the knowledge of Him
I am still and rest assured in His proven abilities

...and then I call Him my joy
because my heart skips in tune
to the beat of obedience,
in rhythm to His perfect will

... and then I call Him my future
because my dreams and aspirations will be
birthed through Him, everything
I am to become, is moulded by the
words He has already spoken over me

©Remi Banjo, June 2009
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Friday, 12 June 2009

Not Impossible For Love...

It is impossible for love not to hear us
when we passionately invoke its very presence;
daily and consciously, with hope resting on
raw expectations calling for its true,
pure and perfect visitation

It is impossible for love not to desire to rescue us.
Rescue us, from self imposed constrictions;
constructed walls of loneliness, that surround and separate us
The soul must keep pushing towards completion
breaking forth and forging through all limitations

It is impossible for love not to want to lend its patient ear
For cries of its wondrous fulfilment, seeps from the
depths of the very soul; without the vessel uttering a
single word, of its desire for Love's rescue
to be complete and for its gift to be bestowed.

©Remi Banjo, June 2009
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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I Hoped To...

I tried to write a collaboration of words on this page
to help you visualise your love through my eyes
what could, should and hopefully might or will be
If and when you gift me with your heart

I wanted to present something on this page
to unravel the intricate nature of Love's lifeline
A llifeline that could, might or will commence, if
hopefully, you eventually, link your heart with mine

I aspired to lay bare, a silent a poem on this page
a piece impregnated with words, carefully woven
together with the sole purpose of invading your
subconsciousness, creating visual representations
of the shape, nature and desires of a hopeful,
yet, unknown beloved...

©Remi Banjo, April 2009
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Thursday, 16 April 2009

When I say...

A few friends are getting married and I have been wondering about those two words "I DO" that will be said on that fateful day. The words that seal or close the deal. The words that ends singleness, that gives the final "Go ahead" or "Permission" for "two to become and live as one". I sometimes wonder what goes through minds when they say utter those words "I DO".

When I say I do
I am saying "I Love You"
in totality, honesty and truth
devoted only to you

When I say I do...
It means every breath I take
will be to inhale the essence of you
encouraged by the love I have for you

When I say I do...
It means my life will be a testimony
to the love, I have been favoured to find in you
Its covering will be my daily experience
It's meanings engraved within my existence

©Remi Banjo, March 2009
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Friday, 27 February 2009


Like flowers filled with morning dew
my heart, with time, is refined
re-built, reshaped and renewed

Ignited with strength and life,
ready to experience love anew

Reluctantly riding on the
wings of patience, I am
encompassed by his essence
intrigued by his love’s ambiance

Eager to experience conversations in earnest
about my love… real love, unselfish love,
unadulterated, pure complex yet simple love;
residing within the walls of my existence
poised to distill its untold richness
in the midst of his gifted presence

©Remi Banjo, February 2009
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