Monday, 12 October 2009

...and then I call Him my....

... and then I call Him my king
because He crowns my heart with
the full richness of His ever increasing love

... and then I call Him my peace
because through the knowledge of Him
I am still and rest assured in His proven abilities

...and then I call Him my joy
because my heart skips in tune
to the beat of obedience,
in rhythm to His perfect will

... and then I call Him my future
because my dreams and aspirations will be
birthed through Him, everything
I am to become, is moulded by the
words He has already spoken over me

©Remi Banjo, June 2009
***picture by photobucket***


Debbie said...

and then I call him my love
because in him I am covered and fully clothed in love, totally safe in the comfort that his love offers.

Tisha said...

I call him Mekoddishkem, lover of my soul, friend, father, Lord, King, priest, i call him my savior, my own...

Dammy said...

'And then, I'll call him mine.
for him, I'll put my life in line!
For when all of life is gone,
And my days are worn
He'll keep me forever warm
'Cos we are never done!'

Beautiful poem. How have you been?

I owe you an apology.

Don said...

Awesome read. Thanks for sharing.


Very peaceful and serene... well done!!!:)