Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Poetry... An Aspiration

Life is likened to written poetry
It reads and presents as a novelty
The indescribable, the ascribable
Visible and tangible
Yet transparent and very intangible
Sometimes unattainable

It presents parallel understanding
With Deep meanings and much resounding
Poetry within me is outstanding

To be or not to be...
Is not a question within my reality

Poetry… encrusted within creative treasures
Residing and printed inside of me
Surrounded within my vicinity...
Entombed and entwined
Within my every possibility
Wrapped in the very expressions
Of my creativity

Poetry… medicine to the soul
Awakening the fire within me
Keeps me warm from the cold
Glitters and glows for all to behold
Creating sparkles like droplets of gold

Poetic rhythms within my medium
Poetic situations within my inspirations
Poetic aspirations, visualisations and creations

Indescribable, un-renounsable
Residing within my every molecule
Transparent words coming forth
Visible meanings taking shape
Visible transformations taking form

©Remi Banjo, April 2005