Monday, 1 September 2008

Phone Call

Whilst day dreaming, she is presented with the beauty of his voice. Fingers, they trace the outline of it's smooth, yet rugged surface, giving her subconscious something tangible to embrace.

In her dreams, his love, it plays her, a calming, yet ferocious melody, encouraging her heart to beat in alignment to it's rhythm
She is eager to grasp each note played, scurring to write them down, fearful they might be lost, forever within the realms of her dreams.
The warmth of his love, is subtlety disguised in
the ambiance of the shadows of his tone,
drawing her inwards, desperately calling out for her
to be a part of him, a reflection and extension of him

In her consciousness, she is waiting to be his love,
his one and only, his everything, his all
So, she sits quietly, by the phone
patiently waiting for him to call
©Remi Banjo, September 2008
***Pictures by Photobucket***