Monday, 15 September 2008

Fragmented pieces...

Her hand raises to Caresses her chest seeking desperately to calm the dull pain that makes itself known beneath her silk shirt.
"It hurts", she whispers, to no one in particular
Stings like a thousand stab wounds delivered by the one you love, whom you entrusted the fragility of your heart with

Gliding her fingers over it's surface
She can feel it's brokenness
Fragmented pieces constantly moving and breaking off, like frozen icelandic plates
separated pieces caught up in the rivers frozen current, some
lucky ones, swept up in autumn's afternoon's breeze

"How did I arrive back at this junction"? She mused
It's all too familiar, like a child's favourite blanket
The patterns haven't changed their shape,
And its colours? Well, they are still very much the same

The cuts and bruises leave permanent marks.
Marks likened to heart shaped words carved into an oak tree

"Why can't I ever get this right"? She wonders...
"What lessons did I fail to learn that has brought
Me back to
'destination familiar'" ?
She ponders...

I tried with all my might, even put in a good fight
Gave all I had to give, yet got the winners prize called misery!

Taking a deep breath, hoping the air will soothe
the remnants of her broken and bleeding heart

She breathes in hope that the fragmented pieces will float
their way beyond the clouds, towards heaven
and maybe, just maybe each piece will be collected in a golden bowl,
and somehow be put together like brand new,
presented back to her by the author of love,
making her whole and reconciled once again to love

©Remi Banjo, September 2008
***Pictures by Photobucket***


NewLife said...

This is a deep poem though it hurts yet its beautiful.

Jaycee said...

The last paragraph caused something in me to leap...

Anonymous said...

first time here...nice blog. Makes me feel right at home. On the other hand..this posting made me feel broken inside. When you have days like this....makes you wanna cry.

how are you?

seye said...

Like your flow...the graduation of words in poetic form!

Remi, United Kingdom said...

@newlife... thanks :-)))

@ Jaycee... that something brings distress to my counternance every morning I open my eyes.. sigh. How are you doing girl. Just saw your new post and I have missed top 10... shiiiish! lol..

@Kin'shar...awe thanks...I'm doing good, dispite trials, tribulations and afflictions, I am indeed bless. hope you're doing good.

@Seye... thanks for visiting and for the kind words, hope you come back for more.

feather said...

life is ups and downs. she'll be alright.somehow

Anonymous said...

In all ourpain, beauty is born. He will give you beauty for ashes.

love you tons

kings kid