Monday, 8 March 2010

66 Bags of Seeds...

He reaches for the bags of seeds
thoughts on the day's desired harvest
what he hopes will be the yield
when he sows some seeds in earnest

On the old wooden table, like his father used to,
he arranges the bags and sits on the aged wooden stool
whilst remembering the results of past planting seasons
he and his family recently lived through

66 bags of miracle seeds
impregnated with manifestations
of desired results for all to see
awaits to be planted in love and faith
wrapped up in pure and simple believe

© Remi Banjo, March 2010
***picture by photobucket***

That Bible you hold in your hands is a book of seeds. Seeds to be planted over and over again in faith and simple believe. Do you want some healing, get yourself some healing seeds (the word on healing) and plant them in your life. You want some wealth, get yourself some prosperity seed and plant them in your life. 

66 books of seeds impregnated with an infinity multiplication potential of itself, is available to you today!


Tisha said...

i been........ planting

i tried to add the attitude into the writing.

i am seriously planting now...

Remi, United Kingdom said...

@ Tisha: :-)) Smile.. **
Keep planting Tisha... it will grow the harvest you desire by God's grace.. Amen.

Afronuts said...

Beautiful inspiring piece of poetry.

I love the third verse. It holds so much for me.

But I'd like to ask, what is the essence of '66'?


Amen. You've said it all... and just enough to make one adore such words from you.... Cheers!!!:)

Tashi de ley!!! (i honor the greatness in you!!!)

Good day!!!:)


Anonymous said...

this is an expository piece.
seeds will definitely grow.
66 bags of seeds.