Monday, 22 February 2010

Break Free...!


In restlesness I break off it's yoke
Arise, I cast off its heavy load
never to give it a chance or hope 
slothfulness, no longer a stronghold

Your WILL Lord, I am resolved to do
Move my limbs in the path set out for me

Encourage my mind to focus solely on you
Strengthen my arms to produce goodness
that exhibits and glorifies the nature of you

© Remi Banjo, February 2010
***picture by photobucket***


Jaycee said...

"Encourage my mind..."

There's never a day we don't need to do that.

Tisha said...

the word that set me free

somewhere inside my imagination
it (the h.g) just let me know
that i am capable of more than i imagine...

i am greater on my inside.

blogoratti said...


Great words for one to identify with...stay strong always Remi.

Dammy said...

Like a tired branch from an old tree,
I break free.

Drifting unfettered amidst wishful wishes
Plunging headlong, awaiting a crash…
Maybe, he’ll catch me before I reach the ground.

‘If I perish, I perish’
But from me, I must escape.
No more to walk that dusty lane
For I seek a fresh start in you.

…As I plunge like a waterfall
Let me, in your fatherly hands fall.

Debbie said...

Loved it.


Hi Remi,

Awesome... that's it... really really awesome!!!:)

The photo just remind me of a film entitled "Premonitions"...!!!:)

Nice to be here again after a week of accomplishing my job as a student!!!:)

Good day!!!:)